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♥ Tuesday, January 29
Blogged @8:51 PM

I'm worn out and super tired now :)
I just skipped a 200 and my legs are aching, especially the muscles there.
Anyway I'm still going to run later. After awhile, until my legs are not achy anymore.

I need to finish my art and my math online. Oh yeah talking about online...
I don't wanna do it now leh, I feel very tired eh.
Never mind since its due on friday!
:P oh yeah, I don't know what to get for Nicole for her birthday..

I damn sian lah, haven't bought her a gift yet.
Anyway, going to watch 27 dresses with Ameline and Nicole on friday.
Nicole said she might not be able to make it dei, but ah well.

There's no P.E tomorrow. -.-
See, no PE, no adrenaline rush...
blah blah and monday got math test.
It's barely like the 4th week or 3rd week and there's already quite a number of tests already.

I feel like uploading some random pictures, before I start saying my blog is lame and dumb and boring and everything.
Anyway I should go already, and prepare myself for the run with my daddy and my ah kor.


& Bye :D

♥ Sunday, January 27
Blogged @10:25 PM

I'm super tired already.
I was supposed to do year 8 math weekly revision: ratio and similarity but i ended up sleeping on the table.

And Stephen was supposed to help me with it too okay.
Anyway I watched the tennis match just now which lasted about...
don't know how long but it was interesting.
And yesterday i went for my first tennis lesson.
Some dumb leh, I acted like some stupid freak by tossing the ball so far in front of me before surfing it.
Is that how you spell surfing? Anyway yeah...

But then at the end of the lesson I think I was able to do a better toss and everything.
Then me and ah dee learnt the forehand and backhand too and I realised how LOUSY i can get at backhand.

Anyway Ah dee has potential.
And I just watched the match: djokovic against tsonga.
I don't know if i spelt it correctly.

Oh yeah by the way I just baked some cake, I want to upload the damn picture but it I can't find my USB cable so i thought, oh forget it.
And we did the vienna cream and glacier icing.
Some cake book indeed, you know how much sugar there was in that stupid cake.

My dad said it would make people fat, so my brother and i decided we should be good owners and in the end we ended up giving cookie and pluto plus zac zac the cake.
They seemed to like it alot.

I've got a science test tomorrow and I didn't exactly study for it but I did so its okay. :)

Mum and dad said to buy new year clothings tomorrow after school.
I gotta get out of school at 5.30.
Oh great lah, I end up staying back 45 minutes more when Ameline can go back at 4.45.

Anyway goodnight already.

Oh yeah, MANU against tottenham tonight.

& Bye :D

♥ Tuesday, January 22
Blogged @8:10 PM

I decided to delete the previous post because I found it very redundant.
And as Jon claims that blogs are useless and it wastes time, I think you're totally right you know.
If not, why do you think I've got a blog huh.
-.- Anyway, I think I'm getting used to school already plus the people there and my classes and the subjects and all that.

Anyway, help help help, my computer's like on FIRE all thanks to my lovely ah KOR for playing dota for some hours okay.
He's a little off leh, he can play computer, and ignore everything around him.
It's like everything else is shut off from him and in front of him, its just.


Anyway both ah daddy and ah mummy think that he knows how to organise and sort out his stuff so they trust him and thus, like that.

Haven't been talking to vivian for (*&^%$# ages already.
Miss her loads. She also another one, doesn't even bother to give me a call.
I'll call you someday.
Oh, and i lost vic's relink thing. Can i trace it back.
Need her to tag again so i can relink her again!

And Caren, also haven't been talking to her for quite awhile since the MRT thing.
Oh well. She'll call me someday so I don't have to worry so much.
I'm gonna faint soon already, class concert on the 29th and I've got like NOTHING ON MY MIND for what to play.
Ameline told me to play the song from the book.

I told her, no no...

Today was Lynette's party and I didn't go. I'm sorry sorry.
What else... oh yeah mummy's away, I miss her already.

And oh yeah liane.
You don't have to care what others say about you, so long as you dont think you are what others say. Anyway, don't be bothered by it so much, especially when its somewhat a farce.
That's what I wanted to let you know anyway.

Butter Cake

This cake has a firm, moist texture that makes it perfect for tiered designs. We've added almond flavor to give it a richer taste everyone will love.

1 1/2 cups butter, room temperature
2 1/2 cups granulated sugar
5 eggs
1 teaspoon Pure Vanilla Extract
3/4 teaspoon Premium Almond Flavor
3 cups all-purpose flour
3/4 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup milk

Preheat oven to 350°F. Spray pans with vegetable pan spray, or use Wilton Cake Release (Click here for complete instructions on preparing baking pans.) In mixer bowl cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add eggs one at a time, mixing well after each addition. Mix in vanilla and almond flavor. Mix flour with baking powder and salt. Add flour mixture alternately with milk, starting with the flour. Pour into prepared pans. Refer to baking chart, for baking times and temperatures for specific pans. Cool 10 minutes in pan. Loosen sides and remove. Cool completely before decorating.

Makes 7 1/2 cups batter.

I got this from wilson recipe box.
I'm going to bake a butter cake soon with ah dee and ah kor.


& Bye :D

♥ Wednesday, January 16
Blogged @11:05 PM

Today was very tiring.
As in like, really hectic and troublesome and all so.
It's like, homework! Having to catch up homework for two consecutive days, I tell you, really siao one can.
But anyway i managed to did what I could for today and will continue with the rest tomorrow.

PS: this is NOT last minute work, honest. :P

Anyway I remembered that I would post the pictures of my cookies :)
Here goes.
Oh yeah, Hsin chong says my cookies are burnt.

FYI hor, they aren't lah.

Dee looking quite excited.

By the way, the cookie page said i think 150g butter or something like that, but we didn't have enough, so we used milk instead. Or was it...

Stir stir, not manual! :D
"Mix well till pale and fluffy."

Baking powder.

Donno what's that for, but we're trying to put those 2 stuff together.

Together already! :)

My Ah- Dee insisted on pouring chocolate chips :D

And then we stirred everything and mixed everything together along with the chocolate chips ah. Looks mouldy and fungi- ish? sick, yeah?
Haven't seen it yet...

Mixed well :P looks nice?!

On aluminium foil. See the super round one? 2nd one from the top on the right? That's the one I did. Beautiful?

I think that's for muffins.. but then we were too sian already, so we used those. LOL.

Baking 14-15 minutes ba :D

TADA! SO BLACK RIGHT! it's nice wor!

but ah well.
daddy said it wasn't bad though it looked ugly.
mommy didn't eat. -.- she said she scared fat.
I thought it was nice!

Anyway, I'm beat already. Still got school tomorrow.

Sayonara peeps!

& Bye :D

♥ Tuesday, January 15
Blogged @4:34 PM

Stupid fever man.
I wish the fever would just subside so i can go to school.
Because of the sickening fever, I have been missing school for a couple of days already can.
And I'm just wondering how much I have to catch up already.
Ameline said yesterday there was only art homework. But then today, Nicole told me Thomas said there was this compo for chinese.
Oh yeah, and today there was science worksheet for class work and math homework.
Yesterday, there was math and science worksheet.

Summing up everything, I have:
1) Chinese compo
2) Math worskeet
3) Science worksheet
4) Math worksheet
5) Science worksheet
6) Art homework.

I'm not so sure on Art so I guess I won't start on it until I clarify everything with Ameline.
Guess I need to borrow somebody's book to copy some stuff already.

By the way I was actually baking cookies yesterday.
Super fun can! Will post the pictures if i can.

And my parents have been telling me not to worry about homework, rest well, rest more, and bleah bleah.
I'm gonna be a stupid girl already.
This morning I was in for the biggest shock of my life can.
I woke up at 6.30, took my temperature it was 39.2.

My maid was like, "stupid thermometer!"
Then she said, "Anyway dont go school already lah."
I was telling her I had to go to school if not I'll become stupid already.
Then i got dressed and went down at 6.40. Ate breakfast later i felt so weak again.

Then i thought twice and my aunt was like, "you are so hot, don't go to school lah."
Then I gave in and decided to rest for one more day again.
And later i went back to sleep (in uniform) i was too tired to change back, and then i got up at 13 04

-.- then i went to bathe and i felt so cold i was wearing a sweater and long pants.

Anyway I'm super tired already.
And I shouldn't be worrying too much about work leh.

PS: It's raining so heavily now, so much so that my house is somewhat flooded
(Not joking)

& Bye :D

♥ Thursday, January 10
Blogged @3:43 PM

School's kind of boring so far.
And what's more I'm quite irritated by the fact that they haven't given out the forms to us to choose our activity!
Well maybe school will become better later as I go along.
I'm left with Math homework. Questions 7,8,9. I've had no homework today and yesterday except for the previous days which include:
1)Math Homework assignment
2) Math questions 7,8,9.
3) My art piece.

:D I'm left with 2 more! I can finish art over the weekends though.
Today during English we had to do this auto biography sort of thing.
I introduced myself with lots and lots of details okay.
I also included kor, di, ma, pa. =)
And my lovely ah yee of course.

Oh, and I found out that Yakult has lactic acid from this morning's report when I was in the car.
I know most people know that but still it's something learnt right.
And I'm going to talk to Jane if I see her online.
(1 more day to weekend :P)
I realise I talk as if I dislike school you know.


& Bye :D

♥ Tuesday, January 8
Blogged @7:30 PM

I'm a regular blogger!

I realised I have been blogging almost everyday.
Second day of school, got tons of homework already.
I wonder about the coming days... wow, going on like that...

Really crazy man. -.-
Got Science gotta do almost the whole worksheet, and for math the worksheet plus 2 quite-difficult questions.
Anyway enough of my rubbisheeee homework already. The more I think about it, the higher chance of myself getting mentally deranged.
Higher chance of getting mentally deranged will mean that I won't be able to have friends and won't be able to use my computer and I'll go crazy everyday.

If I do, I'll probably torment myself. So enough already :D

I don't think I'll like my timetable..
;X but I don't expect the principal or whoever to change it for me huh.
Oh my goodness don't know if you'll have to listen to my daily rantings.
Now i definitely cannot wait for weekends to come.
Once the weekends come, I'll be happy already :P


& Bye :D

♥ Monday, January 7
Blogged @7:54 PM

I don't know why, but I'm in an ultra HIGH mode right now :))
Anyway, just got off the phone with Nicole :D:D
Today was the first day of school.
I didn't quite enjoy it, honestly speaking. But anyway, it wasn't too bad either.
I don't think I'm in the classes of most of my friends.
I haven't got Nicole or Shu Lin either. I've got Ameline.

math and science with Nicole. None with Shu lin at all. The rest are with Ameline.
Okay and Liane? Forget about it, her timetable and my timetable is like totally different. I've got nothing with her at all.

Now I won't be able to hear Liane laugh already. And today she was only like,
"LU!" here "LU!" there "LU!" practically like everywhere.
Anyway my math was kind of fine ;) first day and we had homework.
I've got Art for homework too. Draw a tree and shade it with tones or something simlar to that.

Math was ratio proportion and percentage.

Anyway these are the pictures of the presents i received today.
Seems so little can. Like no one remembers my birthday.
-.- and then what's more it seems I haven't got many friends.
Nevermind, I think I still got friends. I seriously don't know what I'm talking about okay.
Today brother mike mentioned something about making no enemies and more friends, just like from my wishlist.
I will do just that. :)

Nicole's present. The card is BEE-YOU-DEE-FULL one. :D

Nydia's present.

Jackie's present oh that's for christmas okay. not birthday.

that's all. little huh?
Anyway, see my little cousin... P1 dei, GRACEEEE!
my didi's good friend his cousin as well as my cousin. =)

Anyway, I can't wait for the weekends. Then, I can sleep in late and everything.

it's 8.17 and I haven't bathed yet.
oh well. goodbye!

& Bye :D

♥ Sunday, January 6
Blogged @7:35 PM

I just feel like posting again :)
Anyway i changed my blogskin a couple of hours ago. It's not fanastic or anything but at least it does APPEAL to me.
:D and maybe its way better than the Music saves my soul skin.
LOL no lah, but i guess I'm just sick of it ah, and I thought this skin was quite cute to a certain extent.
I feel like indulging myself in Roti Prata for dinner tonight.
After all, I don't think I still can pick food every night when i start school again.
Yipeee ah yee promised to make a date with me on the 18th of March again :D

Oh yeah, heard about the Ashley Tisdale thing? She had a nose job.
Well SEE jane. people can't recognize her now but oh well.
Oh now I'm beginning to have a slight craving for Hawaiian pizza.
Maybe I should ask kor to order it for supper.

By the way I went to Chong Pang there just now with daddy to buy lunch for family :)
Then shun bian wanted to buy DVDs to watch tonight.
At first I wanted to get Rush Hour 3 but then huh... daddy didn't bring enough money.
LOL he only brought enough for lunch you should have brought more leh.
hahahah but then nevermind I still got my Rush hour 3 to watch tonight :D
And not forgetting, my lovelie HK drama serials.


-.- my place seems to be invaded by ants. you know, the one with feelers and small small insect-y creature.

& Bye :D

Blogged @3:29 PM

Happy belated birthday to myself :D

Anyway school's starting tomorrow already.
Got to give the christmas presents and such ((=
Thank you those people for the Birthday wishes on the 5th of January by SMS or TAGS or whatsoever :D

Anyway I can't be bothered to type anymore and thus, TATA.

& Bye :D

♥ Friday, January 4
Blogged @11:32 AM

YIPEEEEE today's friday. Tomorrow's Saturday.
And remember remember? My birthday! :D
Anyway yesterday was my chinese birthday and since we wouldn't be able to cut the cake on Saturday, we decided to cut it last night.

See mummy setting up the cake for me. Oh, the cake was from Big' O or something like that from Wheelock. I like it, indecent obssession I think.

Me clapping for myself -.-
I know I look quite weird myself ah.

Oh don't ask me, I don't even know what I'm doing. I'm not blowing the candles. Maybe I'm making a wish =) Oh oh! I'm still clapping.

-.-'' :D that's me!

And mummy and me. I look beat...

WHEEEEE! Had fun that night.
Thank you mummy and daddy for the cake. It was really nice :D
And also thank you for everything.
Oh yeah, thank you ah yee for bringing me out that day and we shopped and shopped.

Won't post till Sunday. Or Monday.
That's when school re-opens again.

& Bye :D

♥ Thursday, January 3
Blogged @5:40 PM

Went out shopping with Ah yee today :D
She took today off! YIPEEE we went to orchard there to shop Far East, tangs, taka and still got somemore just that I can't remember already.
Lazy upload the pictures. :P
heh and birthday's coming soon!


& Bye :D

♥ Wednesday, January 2
Blogged @7:03 PM

Don't know what, it seems like my blogger page has some virus or its lagging or something else.
Anyway, happy new year :D I know I'm late and all but then what to do ehh??!?
And I just got prank called by some people -.-
Didi went to school, it's 7.05, he should be back already leh.
Don't know what else to type already.
New year resolutions? Don't feel like typing them down...
I wanna change my blogskin, and when I do, maybe I'll write them down.

Anyway goodbye, I'm not so much in the mood to blog already.

& Bye :D

Louisa :D ♥

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I'm 15 this year. Was once a Rosythian, now in SJII.
I'm currently in Newspaper and tennis and some fitness thing.
I like family and friendly outings plus lovely Holidays :P
I got braces and they hurt )=
I LOVE watching horror movies :)
I am a LIVERPOOL fan!!! :P:P

Green mellow ice cream :D

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I love my family :)
I love dear GOD.
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I love liverpool =)
I love sleeping on a rainy night, shopping with my family, going out with people whom I like plus weekends. :)
I love typing.

Wishlist :D ♥

I want to be a better obedient child and a better sibling.
I want to do well for big tests and tests.
I want didi's eyes to be fully recovered.
I want to shift :D
I want to be a better person.
I want more holidays :X
I want to shop more with my family.
I want to be able to play tennis well.
I want to get run 12 minutes for 2.4 =(
I want to concentrate more on studies and be a happy girl :D

I want to get my braces off.

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