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♥ Thursday, September 25
Blogged @7:25 PM

Helloooo :D decided to make blogging part of my regime :D
Hahahahaha, that is if I can and if i want to.
Anyway today... stayed back in school for a little while with ShuLin.
She said she wanted to show me smth very very cool... hahahah =)

Her masterpieces... hahaha the second one isn't very nice! Hahaha, jkjk only.
You know what just now... cos i reached home about 6 right. I tried to use my com. And it didn't want to work. So i was so irritated with the stupid internet connection. Everytime like that one you know. Try to connect but it doesn't work.
So now I'm using my kor's computer because I'm SO angry :D

I'm listening to Mamma mia songs now... they're so nice and catchy.
Abba stays forever green lol!!! :D
Anyway today was quite okay... ahhaha english wasn't so boring. Had to set a set of instructions. I got Jon's... but I totally didn't get the instructions anyway :)
For PE it was quite stupid. Haiya to dumb I don't wanna to talk about it hees :D
RME was quite ok. Hahaha.

Then we had lunch... haha ate... what ah I forgot :X
Something :) Then anyway chinese was after that... Chinese was so funny.
Thomas and his poondeh. He really has a big problem! Hehe... then after sch I stayed back for a short while...
And some very weird people at the locker area there....
So weird I tell you... :D:D

Hahaha tomorrow got Tennis and math tuition. Haiyah.
Anyway, tata!!! :D goodbye

& Bye :D

♥ Wednesday, September 24
Blogged @10:35 PM

Helloo peopleeee :)
I'm stiff bored here. Just went offline but I'm going to wash up soon...
Today was not as bad as I thought it would be you know =D
Okay since I have lots of time to waste I'll describe :D

This morning it was so cold I thought I would freeze :D haha no no, just joking :)
Anyway Ameline and I were talking about stuff and then we went to tutor group at 8.
Tutor group was quite boring, didn't really do anything. Hahaah.
Then we had Geog first period. I actually think that we do most work in Geog. It's like you have to keep writing and writing if not you can't catch what Mr.Z is talking about. Hahaha. If not you have to ask him, which is quite... :)

Anyway we did like 3 or 4 questions. Hey each question took up quite a lot of time you know! Then there was break... ate in the canteen :D
After that we had English. Haha english wasn't so bad, at least we had Oreo and milk.
10 steps on how to eat oreo :D haahhaa.
And oreo milkshake is quite disgusting... but on the other hand it tastes quite nice too :D

Then we had history. Luckily we didn't do a lot of writing... just watched a movie and discussed stuff :D russian revolution.
!!! I'm using so many :D:D so toopid.
Anyway it was lunch after that so I went to the canteen with Ameline... had maggi mee I think Jade and Alessia were there too.
Then, ShuLin came... Jodie came... and stuff like that :D

Hahahaah we went to class after that. Science... My god we had a science test you know. And he didn't even tell us. Obviously he meant it to be like a surprise test of some sort. And he only gave us like a while to revise...
I think i flunked it anyway :D ahahah I hate it when teachers let you see the answers to the test after you finish the test.
Imagine if Mrs.Quek did that for PSLE. omg I'd be stiff shocked.

Stupid webpage hanged. Luckily this whole chunk of words was like auto saved. If not I'll be so angry!! Haahahah =D
I went home at 3 anyway... thought I had math tuition but it was cancelled. Then i did hist, math homework... But i didn't do weekly task cos I didn't know how to do it.

People say there's no PE tmr. Sob.

Tadaaaaa that's my post. I'm thinking my posts are really boring, with no pictures no nothing. See if I can find any pics to add in :D hahaa.

& Bye :D

♥ Tuesday, September 23
Blogged @9:31 PM

Hello blog :D

I feel sooo lethargic and so tired now. I feel like sleeping. But on the other hand, I don't really want to sleep because I don't want to waste my time :)
Ok, that didn't make a lot of sense. hehe.
Anyway!!! Lets describe today :D

I had Music for first period. Grouped with Jade, Alessia, Claris and Ameline.
Hahaha, disco music :) quite cool. We listened to some songs that were worth listening to =D Then we had break. Sat at the canteen with jade, alessia, shulin, jodie... cannot really rmb who else. Or scratch some people, cannot rmb :D

Hahaha after that we had science. Omg science was... indescribable. Nevermind =)
We did some cards lah... waste pen ink waste paper only. Can just memorise from TB right. Then after that we had chinese. Oh chinese was okay just that we watched this movie and recorded the details down...

Lunch was okay. Ate mee :D in the canteen with Jade, Alessia, Shu lin, Ameline and I think Jodie or something. Hahaha. I drank milo too. Ok i dont know why I am describing everything but well well!!! Then math was last period... haiyah math... quite boring :X
Stupid andre keep saying hi louisa hi louisa never stops one you know.
Problem child.
haiyah nevermind dnt talk abt it.

During math what poondeh... thomas... so weird... this type of name also can come up with. Really no life one lor.
Then after school i went to the lockers... saw Ameline and Shulin.
Hees :D then we went to the computer lab to finish our eng hmw :D haha tada!!!
Then we went to the field while Shulin went to look for jodie!!!

Hahaa it was scorching hot.
I feel bubbly now :D anyway Thomas scored the first 2 goals. Then OFS scored like 3 goals. I think I left too early or something. Actually i left at 5.50. Match ended at 6. Got any goals inbetween?? Hahaha... anyway we still lost lah 2-3 but then!!!
Still got next time right!!!

Then after that Ameline had to go so I left too... then I went to orchard to find mummy with daddy. Haiyah I was so tired you know...
wanted to sleep :D I reached home at about 8.30 and had dinner and I'm using my computer now!!!

I just felt like posting a picture... during national day hahah the fireworks... view from PANPAC :D hahaa!!!

Talking to shulin online now.
Nothing else to do.
Meanwhile, take care people and...

& Bye :D

♥ Friday, September 19
Blogged @9:02 PM

Oh my God I am so tired I feel like sleeping now.
Not going to elaborate more, really tired already.

& Bye :D

♥ Thursday, September 11
Blogged @7:41 PM

I'm so super zuper buper irritated with the mob in the bus.
And leaving at 6 in school is like really crazy you know. Omg... the bus will be like packed ok. And then people also keep pushing, squeezing, squishing, everything. Just on Tuesday, I left at 5.45 too and pushed this lady by accident on the bus and I think she got really angry because she glared at me you know, as if she was about to eat me up like that.

I already said sorry ok! And hello excuse me, this type of thing is like inevitble ok! Haiyah stupid bus I hate taking buses already. So irritating.

Nevermind don't talk about it already. I just had dinner. Very full now. Haha.
I finished devil beside you already! :D its not bad.
I don't know what to talk about it already...
Anyway this morning I had PE :D it was quite boring. Mr toh didn't come today!!!

I need to study for hist test.

& Bye :D

♥ Wednesday, September 10
Blogged @7:56 PM

Haven't blogged in a week! Whoops! Haha. Last week was okay... not really fun though.
Haha, still, not too bad I guess. Got piano at 8. I really have nothing to do now.
I never wished my mum and bro happy birthday.
Well happy belated :D, kins.

I bought pressies ok. I thought my brother would at least go and get smth.
He said he did but cos there was somebody else's birthday so he didn't finish it.
Shame on you okay!

I just had a big huge tiff with him earlier. Its not my problem too. His fault.
I nearly wrecked his computer. And hoho, surprisingly, I'm not feeling bad ok.
I'm so mean right/

Anyway these 3 days... Ameline didn't come to school. Haha, she's down with a fever and all.. Get well soon my friend! She actually came this morning for the first period but I told her to go home cos her head was quite hot.
Oh and Jade and Alessia have been very very nice to me. lol!!!
My daddy bought this show called 1408 for me. Its horror :D yay.

RAINIE YANG. (haha she's ok actually)

Nevermind I have 3 more episodes to go...
Tata, going for piano soon!!! I got back my results for grade 5 practical. Nt very nice lah. Well byebyeeeee :)
Tmr got PE :D

& Bye :D

♥ Tuesday, September 2
Blogged @10:57 PM

Today I went out :D Haha in the morning was supposed to have a run but then Ameline couldn't make it in the end cos of some reasons...
Anyway I'm kinda lazy to post pictures :) So like nevermind, go to ShuLin's blog to see :D haha.

In about an hour and 2 minutes' time is my brother's birthday.
I might blog later at 12, if I'm too bored.
I'm super bored now and have absolutely nothing to do :) Haha. Anyway there are like what, 15 or more people in my house whom I don't know at all. Actually they're kinda noisy... but I think they're somewhat nice I guess :)

Haha EnPing, don't mention it :D
Sorry Germaine haven't been using the computer for quite a while.
Hey poh, i already apologised ok! You know Shulin and Ameline also never go and then you didn't get angry with them... only me... obviously you hate me right!
And then you keep saying you're disappointed with me. Even ChunLin isn't angry with me ok...
Haiyah if you wish to ignore me then I don't know lah.

I'm bunking with ah yee tonight :)
Just don't really feel like sleeping with pops and moms :D Hee, oh yeah you know Dee has fever again... Like again... he's always falling sick.
Fever fever go away! Wonder how tomorrow will be like. This week's kinda boring.

Wait I got other stuff to talk abt... hehe :D
Tmr I'm going to run :) Probably going die lah. And have tuition at 5...
I actually spent money on my brother's present ok :D I bought him 2 tee shirts from esprit! And and and just now the cake was cut so many of his friends were pai-zhaoing... I didn't though. Too lazy to take pictures.

I didn't practise my piano today. So sad.
I wanna go scuba diving. It looks scary though. Anyway byeee :) maybe I'll post later or smth.

& Bye :D

♥ Monday, September 1
Blogged @6:36 PM

Hello :) I think Pajatinka and ChunLin are really pissed off with me.
Hey excuse me it wasn't that I didn't want to go but no girls were going to be there!
It's like kinda awkward for me cos if there are no girls it'll be like... weird :D
Anyway I already said sorry to Poh alr but somehow or rather he doesn't seem to be accepting it.

I'm watching dou niu yao bu yao now. Kinda stupid, really. The plot I mean.
Anyway I was supposed to watch meet dave today, but then!!! Yeah :D:D
I'm close to finishing my science ws c2+c3 :) So stupid you know, there're like quite a number of questions that are blocked by the diagram.

Tomorrow's Greg party... hees :) Not going though... haha.
I'm very bored now. Nothing to do. Michelle told me to register for the Great Eastern Run!. LOL you know, I think I will faint. Cos like 10km seems really long long seems like a never- ending kinda road.

I had piano lesson at abt 4 and I'm actually practising grade 8 already.
The pieces look really scary. And my hand seems really really really small.
I'm so sad cos my fingers can't really stretch. Pout. Haha. Michelle has very long fingers o.o haha or maybe my fingers are short, thats why hers seems very long cos she can stretch.

This morning I woke up at 9.30. Hey, not bad already, considering that its school holidays and I usually wake up at like 10 plus, close to 11 ok!!! Haha.
Brother's friends are over... hehe :D I actually found his blog ok!!! Actually not really found, I just peeked :) but still!


& Bye :D

Louisa :D ♥

Hi there! I'm Louisa.
I'm 15 this year. Was once a Rosythian, now in SJII.
I'm currently in Newspaper and tennis and some fitness thing.
I like family and friendly outings plus lovely Holidays :P
I got braces and they hurt )=
I LOVE watching horror movies :)
I am a LIVERPOOL fan!!! :P:P

Green mellow ice cream :D

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I love my family :)
I love dear GOD.
I love sweets and chocolates!
I love my friends :D
I love liverpool =)
I love sleeping on a rainy night, shopping with my family, going out with people whom I like plus weekends. :)
I love typing.

Wishlist :D ♥

I want to be a better obedient child and a better sibling.
I want to do well for big tests and tests.
I want didi's eyes to be fully recovered.
I want to shift :D
I want to be a better person.
I want more holidays :X
I want to shop more with my family.
I want to be able to play tennis well.
I want to get run 12 minutes for 2.4 =(
I want to concentrate more on studies and be a happy girl :D

I want to get my braces off.

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