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♥ Friday, October 24
Blogged @8:11 PM

Hello blog.
My itunes so irritating ok. I'm just going to leave it hmph...
Nowadays I haven't been blogging much although its like holidays now... hahaha so boring to blog, and there's like not much fun content!!!

Muahahaha anyway yesterday was auntie marie's birthday =D
heheheh I bought her a bag... my brother has not paid me his share yet.
Hmph. Hahahahaha! So bored now...
And oh this whole week i didn't really do any work or revision.
I need to start revision soon!!! And the book report!! Oh dear...

I think the local schools holidays' just begun. Haha.
Ours? We're going to have big tests... hahahaha.
I am trying to retrieve 2 pics from my phone but my phone's dying soon.
I think i dropped it too many times. oh well.

I'm so paranoid over the book report thing.. haha!!! =D
I got nothing to blog already at first I wanted to upload some pictures but u noe wad forget it lol goodbye already =D

& Bye :D

♥ Sunday, October 19
Blogged @6:40 PM

Since some person wants me to post :D ok ahahaha!!!

Today was so tiring I went to bugis with my brother and it was packed and crowded until I felt like I would faint any minute...
Anyway i didn't buy anything although the things there were kinda cheap :D haha so good right!!!

I didn't take any pictures.. so frustrated and hot and irritated, no mood to take also =D anyway my phone's going to give way already.
It keeps hanging on me... and my msn keeps dcing and my computer is going to spoil soon. I cannot take care of my stuff.. my computer isn't very old... my handphone also less than 1 year.

Omg last night was so nice.

Liverpool won wigan 3-2 :D
Arsenal won everton 3-1 :/
Rierra so cool <3

Today i sms so much. tsk tsk. I miss parents =(
Oh well. Yesterday was so fun I ran 5KM and i nearly died too.
Everyday I nearly die one, but obviously I'm just saying it for fun lar.
I don't knw what I am talking about. But u know the timing not too bad... =)

Oh well nth to say already tata!!! going to eat dinner soon and MSNING now =)

& Bye :D

♥ Thursday, October 16
Blogged @9:26 PM

liverpool is so cool =D

& Bye :D

♥ Friday, October 3
Blogged @8:03 PM

Hello!!! :)
Wheeeee! Mummy's coming back today...
All the computers in my house are so irritating... feel like wrecking all of them!!!
And I'm so tired ahahah :D Reached home at abt 6.30. Anyway today we watched the soccer match... I didn't go for tennis because I felt weird... and I didn't feel like going... hehees :)

Today was okay I had PE first period... we were separated into 4 groups I think for PE and we played netball. Hahaha it was quite ok then there was geog after that. Haha. Nothing to do lah same stuff just copying the questions and filling in the answers... then he checked our hmw and all. Then there was hist after that.
Then math... oh math there was weekly task. Haiyahh... then came lunch.
Went to the canteen and ate!!! English after that and it was quite fun lah. Hahaha =D but there's hmw :(

Then anyway after that Jade, Alessia, ShuLin, Ameline and I stayed back... to watch the soccer match.
I think the score was 6-1 or 6-0 or 7-1 or smth like that... Hahaha =D I cannot really remember, lol. But we decided not to sit at the grass patch there...
So me, shulin and ameline sat at the... black court. Dunno wad u call that court haha.

Then we were quite bored so we were talking quite a lot of.. weird stuff haha =D
Soccer match opponents so tiny... hehes :D
Finally got some stuff to upload cos I'm so bored... hehe =)
Take note cos its really random stuff haah!!!

waterbottles!!! Haha

Some soccer pictures... =)


OOPS how could I have forgotten about sports day yesterday :D
HAHAHA it was quite fun!!! Ran some stuff... haiyah too tired already.
Heehe. anyway it was quite ok =))

& Bye :D

Louisa :D ♥

Hi there! I'm Louisa.
I'm 15 this year. Was once a Rosythian, now in SJII.
I'm currently in Newspaper and tennis and some fitness thing.
I like family and friendly outings plus lovely Holidays :P
I got braces and they hurt )=
I LOVE watching horror movies :)
I am a LIVERPOOL fan!!! :P:P

Green mellow ice cream :D

Lovelies :D ♥

I love my family :)
I love dear GOD.
I love sweets and chocolates!
I love my friends :D
I love liverpool =)
I love sleeping on a rainy night, shopping with my family, going out with people whom I like plus weekends. :)
I love typing.

Wishlist :D ♥

I want to be a better obedient child and a better sibling.
I want to do well for big tests and tests.
I want didi's eyes to be fully recovered.
I want to shift :D
I want to be a better person.
I want more holidays :X
I want to shop more with my family.
I want to be able to play tennis well.
I want to get run 12 minutes for 2.4 =(
I want to concentrate more on studies and be a happy girl :D

I want to get my braces off.

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