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♥ Wednesday, April 30
Blogged @6:40 PM

Loads of mosquitoes, like penetrating through my skin, right into my veins.
I'm itching terribly.
My legs are red.

Go away mosquitoes!!
Super frustrated to do anything now.

& Bye :D

Blogged @4:03 PM

HELLO sunny day :)
Now my television is my source of motivation :D

Don't know why, my head feels super itchy.
So irritating.

There's mass at 5.30 today but I'm not going.
Anyway I shall just make a short prayer tmr lah!
No difference what; after all, you can pray anywhere you want, toilet also can ok.

Oh yeah I presented my history today, kind of jumbly, was very nervous you know.
But then I got over it anyway :D
Had sandwhiches for lunch! Tuna and egg and I drank nice milo.

had better be a good labour day.
I'm going to wild wild wet with my fellow family and cousins!
I might upload pictures, but I'll see first. heh;
Still, got quite an amount of work to finish up.
Now everything is work already.

I'm gonna bathe :)

& Bye :D

♥ Tuesday, April 29
Blogged @4:37 PM

Post post, I haven't been updating in about 6 days or so again.
Haha, 6 day interval right!!
Doing history now, going to blog blog a little and then I'll resume with my work.
So yesterday, I met Jane at Bishan then we took 88 all the way to Pasir ris to meet up with this girl to get goods.

Ahhh, so sian, so far, gotta travel all the way home again, which took about, say, 1 hour? Oh, and more;

Anyway, Lots and lots and lots and lots of homework to finish up!
I think I'd better go do already.
Math test on Tuesday, Science test on Monday.

Oh no.

& Bye :D

♥ Thursday, April 24
Blogged @7:11 PM

Haven't been blogging in about 6 days or so.
This week is hectic, or maybe I made it seem busy by going home later than usual the past few days :D
I've got a geog test tmr and a math test on monday.
Yuck yuck, not looking forward to it but anyway, I'm going to Thomson Plaza tmr.

So at least, Yipeee :)

Oh, and don't these little delicious donuts make you wanna savour them ;D

Blogger is so irritating sometimes, it's now telling me saving and publishing may fail blah blah. Eh that's not my problem ok, go fix it lah.
Anyway, see this hamster of my cousin :D ameline says hers is cuter.
I dno the name of it, but oh well.

Actually. I think its pretty young.
So cute right!
Yeah, and so is Ameline's, though I haven't seen hers in quite a long long time.

Oh i had RME today, had to design little games for little kids :D
and I ended up forgetting they weren't little kids, because the games were:
Musical chairs
Blow wind blow.

And 2 more. Quite childish right;
I'm stuck with my math now, I really dont know how to do it already.
I'd better go think a bit more :D

goodbyeeeee :) and I'll try to blog some day sooner.
Oh the mid years for people in the local school are arriving!
Good luck you all ;D ah dee also has SAIs coming up in a week or so.

Got P.E tmr :) quite cheerful.

& Bye :D

♥ Friday, April 18
Blogged @5:50 PM

Hello there!!
I'm doing Chinese now, there's a bit of trouble there.
Trying to find the right words here and there. But manageable I guess.
Next week I shall be taking bus from Thursday-Friday and I can go out and eat as well.

I shall stop ranting about homework already. It doesn't do me any good.
Anyway I'm going out to eat for dinner today.

Friday fridays, oh how much I love you.

Fridays are pretty sweet, I get to eat a lot of food and really a lot of food.
Also, I get to wake up late in the morning which I find, very enriching.
I'm going to visit Jane's blog later and if possible i shall tag.
Oh no I can't tag on her blog her blog's xanga and I don't like it so Jane, change your blog back to blogger ok.
Oh and I need stamps if not I won't be able to send out letters to you.
Stamps are expensive Jane.

Next week I'm going to newwater factory.
I have to miss newspaper.
I should go do my hmw now.
Sian sian!

Gooodbyeeee (=

& Bye :D

♥ Wednesday, April 16
Blogged @9:51 PM

Loads of hmw, tons and tons; stacked up like 209876 piles of paper.
On monday I stayed back until 4.30 because I had to do homework and Ameline's Math and geog notes. It was super tedious.
Then we decided there wasn't going to be enough time to complete geog and so,
I stayed back until 5. Gosh, completed Geog and stuff too.
Today, went to BOLLYWOOD veggie farms, came back and then started on English.
And then I practised my super piano :D

stupid homework.
Go away.
I'm going to watch TV already goodbye.

& Bye :D

♥ Monday, April 14
Blogged @6:07 PM

I'm very very hot and I'm stinking bored.
I mean there's like nth to do over here. Yipee :)
I've got piano soon. My piano is slightly dusty. It needs to be wiped man.

Tmr Alicia's birthday :D
Just in case I don't blog tmr, happy birthday alicia :)
Oh and I feel disgusted.

& Bye :D

♥ Sunday, April 13
Blogged @4:13 PM

Yesterday I went out with a very very very good friend of mine named Jane :D
And she said I have changed into a more talkative person. But she didn't say if it was good or not.
Aiya, you also changed can :D you're nicer now. Oh and last time you weren't mean lah.
I think you were just... different. HAHHH.
Oh and pictures pictures pictures, she's going to slaughter me if I don't post pictures -.- then she can copy copy copy.

First i met her at AMK mrt, sorry i changed the timing, but I changed it back to the original timing right! Then she came 1 hour earlier somemore.
And then she was freezing or smth like that. And she even made a tulip out of a brochure because she was simply too too bored. By the way, Bell is dropping FUR. She's old huh. Dno also.

Never mind I'm going to type content first, then pictures.
If not later very frustrating one.
Ok so I met her there, and then she looked different ok. She was taller and I don't it. Furthermore, she was wearing SLIGHT heels maybe 1 or 2 cm LOL.
Which made me have low self esteem. Oh dear Jane. =(

Then we went to the hawker centre to eat, because she was saying she wanted to go to somewhere without air con as she was freezing. Eh thank God man.
So then she ate mee pok, and since I had pepper lunch before that, I was still full and so I ate peanut cake and some sticky rice pink cake or smth like that.
Her soup had houseflies, so she went to change it.

It's like raining now so I'm not exactly in the mood for blogging, but ahh well.
And then, after eating, we went... to take neoprints I think.
Eh to be honest I don't really like taking neoprints its damn expensive okay, and all comes out are some weird pictures with small linings and weird things like... stuff.
but anyway I did take it :D
9 dollars ok!!

Then after that we shopped around because she needed to buy her friend Xinhui a present. Then we saw some super rip off stuff, like notebooks that cost ridiculously expensive.
My my, and boxes and dustbins for a very very very high price.
Hmmph, not very happy. But anyway, she bought this 3.90 or 3.50 file for her friend. And she likes PINK.
PURPLE is nicer than PINK.

Actually we were supposed to STUDY one okay, but then she was too clever for me.
and anyway, we didn't study too. When I reminded her she was like, "HECK LAH."
AND TO THINK she's very very super smart.
So anyway we walked all the way to ang mo kio that side that I-FORGOT-WHERE already LOL but anyway it was okay and still the stuff were cheaper I think.

My dog is licking my computer. -.=

Eh where was I. Oh yeah I remember. So we walked walked walked and then we took pictures of our little stuff and in the end I think I went to popular to get pens and we got this box meant for letters for each other.
Oh and along the way we were asked to do a survey and we got a free super cheapp mirror.
and Jane found it interesting I don't know why too -.-

And I saw this guy wearing FBTs and he looked very gay so I was laughing like mad.
Okay then after that we went home.
She took bus and I took MRT.
That's about it :D

Ok now for pictures.

Letters from Jane, Letters from Louisa :D

Our pencil cases.

Our wallets.

Our bags my poka dot bag again LOL.

The front of the card she gave me :D

And the back of the card she gave me :D so nice of her right.

Homework diary and her handbook.

Cards and letters we both bought.

The super cheap mirrors we got for free.

Taking pictures of little stuff make me feel quite weird. yuck; HAHHHHS.

I look sick. My face has no colour.
And she looks fine :D

Okay, detailed enough Jane. I've had enough of posting pictures.
I'm seeing my bro play rock band and I'm going to join him.
And school tmr.


& Bye :D

♥ Friday, April 11
Blogged @9:20 PM

I've got a runny nose and I presented my English speech today.
It was fine anyway :D
Stupid bro's computer, refuses to let me see the piano notes. I want to read notes!
And I cannot actually I know this has nth to do with the computer, but because I need to download smth like adobe reader or smth like that.

I already downloaded the adobe reader thing that time to print out a few songs.
And then now gotta download some other things again.
So i feel very sian, and (Ms)Michelle took so long to reply my sms, I was like blankly staring at the computer.
Then i got impatient and I shut it down.

I'm quite angry now actually.
Oh and I had french food for dinner last night, felt really bloated and puke-ish.
And this morning we had circuit training. How boring.

I'm going to watch tv.
My mum's boss is very irritating.
I don't like him.

& Bye :D

♥ Wednesday, April 9
Blogged @7:23 PM

Hi there boring day.

I feel sick, I feel like puking, I don't feel quite well.
I think i caught the flu bug though, my nose is super runny today.
And so much foi being sobbish, my shoulders ache.
I want to go for P.E tmr, I only hope we don't have to run, which I don't think so.

Nowadays I have no pictures to upload o.o
I'm going to practise piano.
I love my piano :D it's very pretty and classy.

Oh yeah, my history test, not very good.
I scored a lousy 63%. It's quite bad actually.
I have no finish year 8 weekly task by tmr, if not I sure die one.

Ahh. Newspaper tmr.

& Bye :D

♥ Tuesday, April 8
Blogged @6:33 PM

HI :)
I just zonked out for a good 2 hours can.
After school I went to pepper lunch with ah kor and daddy and I came back. Actually, I was already zonked out in the car.
Then I came home, and slept slept for for God-knows-how-long.
And unknowingly, I woke up with amazing donno-how-many-mosquitoe bites.
Stupid mosquitoes. It's like wherever I go they're following me.
I need space ok. So go away.

Anyway today during math my ruler snapped.
I wasn't very happy.
But then Jenevieve had an extra ruler and she gave it to me o.o hehs.

Tmr I have to do Math with Ilisha.
And on Friday, I'm going OUT!
Oh yeah alice, dont worry too much lah.
LOUISALIM must have overlooked the message or maybe she's sleeping just like I was 36 minutes ago ;D


& Bye :D

♥ Monday, April 7
Blogged @5:18 PM

Today was an okay day :D
First day of the week, pretty okay one and before you know it, zoom! to friday!
Anyway I haven't been eating for a very long time in the canteen, and so today for lunch, I actually ate.

And then I had art. Omg art was quite fun actually.
We did the paper mache thing or how-do-you-spell-it thing, my sculpture is quite ugly.
And then I started glueing stuff together with newspaper on the floor.
Oh and then me and Ameline were putting glue on our hands. Oh, it's quite fun.
Just insert your hand in the tub of glue(obviously with water ah.) and then you wait for it to dry and when it dries, you'll get the super full effect of peeling what-looked-like-skin from your hands.

Then anyway before that I got cut by a stupid tape when I was opening it -.-
stupid huh, so then it wasn't pain but it was bleeding.

I'm going to do English and Chinese now.
Oh and daddy got a new phone.
For free somemore.
He says what expire on the 15th so if you don't get new phone its a waste of smth.
He speaks weird today, I don't really get what he's talking about so I was like, "oh really. not bad lah, quite nice."

Homework go away!
The computer is heating up.
I don't want my cells to be killed because of radiation.
I should stop blogging now.
Oh and bing-ing on oreo is quite fun :D:D


& Bye :D

♥ Sunday, April 6
Blogged @8:57 PM

Just binged on oreo.
Still quite unsatisfied.
I shall go find smth to seriously entertain myself.

Slow down, Louisa.

Oh and Happy birthday twin <3
Lots of love!~

& Bye :D

♥ Wednesday, April 2
Blogged @9:30 PM

Yes, my blog has been invaded by 2 toots.
One of which, who included another toot's name in, which makes it 3 toots.
And I'm guessing the 2 toots are the same people what's more.

& Bye :D

Blogged @5:34 PM

My toe, the left big toe is itching like nobody's business can.
My head and rash on my ear too. Then at night it'll be gone already.
Dno what's wrong also. I took about 35 minutes to finish History :D
Including terms!

Tomorrow. I'm looking forward to.

And that's all. Thursdays are quite boring sometimes. Like RME, english and chinese.
I'm going to practise piano awhile after blogging ;D my scales are quite horrible.
And so difficult to coordinate somemore, not everybody can do it one lor!
I still got chinese survey to finish.
And Geog project.
And I'm also wondering how Daniel Tian got my link ok.
Just to tell you I already forgot yours though you gave me yours ytd ytd ytd smth like that -.-

All the tans are siblings huh.
All the lims are siblings huh.
All the gohs are siblings huh.
Crazy person.

Byebye I'm going to play piano already.
Ehh, and newspaper tomorrow.

& Bye :D

Louisa :D ♥

Hi there! I'm Louisa.
I'm 15 this year. Was once a Rosythian, now in SJII.
I'm currently in Newspaper and tennis and some fitness thing.
I like family and friendly outings plus lovely Holidays :P
I got braces and they hurt )=
I LOVE watching horror movies :)
I am a LIVERPOOL fan!!! :P:P

Green mellow ice cream :D

Lovelies :D ♥

I love my family :)
I love dear GOD.
I love sweets and chocolates!
I love my friends :D
I love liverpool =)
I love sleeping on a rainy night, shopping with my family, going out with people whom I like plus weekends. :)
I love typing.

Wishlist :D ♥

I want to be a better obedient child and a better sibling.
I want to do well for big tests and tests.
I want didi's eyes to be fully recovered.
I want to shift :D
I want to be a better person.
I want more holidays :X
I want to shop more with my family.
I want to be able to play tennis well.
I want to get run 12 minutes for 2.4 =(
I want to concentrate more on studies and be a happy girl :D

I want to get my braces off.

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