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♥ Monday, June 30
Blogged @6:04 PM

School ended at 5 today. My daddy couldn't pick me up until 5, and I got quite angry.
Hahaha! Kidding kidding, you see, my BROTHER had to go somewhere so then he had to pick him up and wait for him as well.
So yes, I waited until like 5.15.
I am quite irritated now with my skin. Because I have slight ezcema, or how-do-you-spell-it, my skin gets irritated quite easily..

So then right, it turns red blotchy. Especially my feet. And really very irritating and itchy itchy. My head also, sodaitchy!
Talking to ChunLin now and he is very blur, keeps on using ? ? ?
Oh and ShuLin said she used a lot of likes during Geography hahahah! And people were laughing at her. But still, it was over and done with what!! hehe.

Anyway during art Ameline found this adidas sortof strip, and then we were playing with it by throwing it around. Sometimes my palms fell flat on the floor because it was too far and I tried to reach it. Hahahaa! And then she got really nice biscuits you know. During lunch I was stealing them from her. haha.

My legs are numb. My feet rather. Like there's pins and needles.
And then feeling is not very nice, it is very...
Ok nevermind today I have not much homework :D I am quite happy.
This is the first :D I used in this post.
Except for the Science homework, the fitness programme thing worksheet and all that... oh and art pictoral signs!!

But there's one week to do that. Tmr gotta stay back to touch up on Geog.
Then after that my daddy wants to bring me to the chiropractic. I don't want to go, I'm very scared. But anyway my back does hurt... I mean whenever I bend down and all. That day before tennis, which was a few weeks ago, I couldn't even get out of bed. But really, it was really... pain... still, bearable.

Maybe i have a high treshhold(how do you spell it) of pain.

Actually you know, DOTA is quite fun :D I learned it from my brother.
I'm not very good at it, but I do know how to play okay! Actually... it's not just eating trees, you can buy potions, kill stuff, and don't know what creeps ah...
Got piano at 6.30. Oops if Michelle is reading this, I didn't practice my scales...
I mean i did but not more I practiced the exam pieces more.

At least I'm honest haha don't scold me :D
Nevermind she very nice one she doesn't scold me :)

Ok, tata, I should go now, very tired and sleepy.
Goodbyeeeeeee :)

& Bye :D

♥ Sunday, June 29
Blogged @8:17 PM

Hello everybodyyyy :D:D:D
I have mixed feelings. School starts tomorrow, and actually...
I'm not exactly like looking forward to it.
HAHA, no lah I think its okay. Yeah, with mixed feelings right.
Whenever the break is like 2-3 weeks long, or worse, more than that, I don't feel like going back to school already.
I mean the adjusting back to school curriculum is ok, but..

Not that I don't want longer holidays, but yeeah. And then sometimes school gets a little boring also. But sometimes its fun.
But i think most schools are like that also what.
Anyway, hopefully, tomorrow shall be okay. It should be lah, why not right.
Alice tagged me saying smth abt disliking school and blah blah.
Cheerup ALICE, cos of the datelines and everything isit:D
haha hope you'll be fine after awhile ;D;D

Anyway on Thursday, I was playing badminton with BROTHER and oh my, he's so horrible.
Nevermind, I shall stop. My mum's sick :(
But she will recover very fast. =) hahahaha!
Anyway halfway through the shuttlecock got stuck in the tree, leaving me so UPSET and distressed because that was the only shuttlecock we had that was in...
good condition

And BROTHER being a smartypants, he started hurling slippers and badminton rackets up the tree. I tell you, he was quite retarded.
AND then the stupid slippers got stuck up there, but then I didn't take it because he got it down shortly after that.
What a nasty sibling.

Nevermind, then i think my badminton racket got scratched.
Oh we all discovered a bee nest or smth up in my tree. I was so scared.
Although the bees were not swarming around, the thought of it sent me in the house screaming okay. haha.

Then this super sharp thorn. poked me. Didn't hurt at all, but STILL; there was blood ok.

ah hah! hahaa.
But it doesn't hurt at all. I didn't even feel it.

The next day, (Friday), my dee had to go swimming in the morning.
It was SCORCHING HOT! Stupid sun, stupid global warming and everything.

But anyway, actually his coach is very... big sized and very... urm... fat :D

And he said that my brother swims slower in deeper pools.
I like saw him swimming and didn't realise at all... haha.
Then the canteen wasn't open so I was like starving!
And my maid was talking and telling me all about his coach and how fat he was.

I learnt swimming last time with brother and celine and tiffany. And the swimming complex had lotsa cockroaches. or what seemed like them.
And the PJs were so... I cannot blow. haha.

Hahaha, now my dee and Tasha are playing Mario Kart.
Yee ha its fun lah, but after awhile it's quite boring. wahahaha.
I finished Geog already, actually need to touch up on some stuff, thanks to ah ku number 2, the wise one :D:D thank you!!
Hahaha, tmr morning gotta remind ameline abt some stuff.
I actually wrote it down on paper okay.

Bye bye!
PS: I know I have been blogging super little nowadays.
Hahaha. See what work and other stuff does.

& Bye :D

♥ Tuesday, June 24
Blogged @9:38 PM

Came back from Genting Sat night and I'm posting only now :P
I'm super bored ah. Anyway, I think I don't enjoy blogging as much as I did last year or something. It's quite boring ahh...
Then my posts? Wow, no content one, all rubbish.

Anyway, I shall just blog until I'm really sick and tired then I will stop =)
Decided not to post pictures, haha, because, I don't feel like it =D
Pictures take pretty long to upload, and then...
And anyway, I didn't exactly use my phone to snap pictures... I used the camera.

I want my own camera. Pout.
Piano cancelled today.
Math tuition tmr at 5!!! And I've got housewarming!! haha. not exactly also ah.

Wonder how was Caren's audition at SOTA.
well well, hope she did well!!
OK NOW I FEEL LIKE UPLOADING PICTURES but my brother won't get the SD card for me.
So nevermind, lets forget abt it.

LIKE REALLY, AGES (&%$#$%^&*!@#.
so tired so tired. hehe.
I want to go, my eyes are tired.

& Bye :D

♥ Tuesday, June 17
Blogged @8:30 PM

2nd post today.
Just ignore the first post, that was just blabbersense.
I had nth much to do for that one.
I'm just posting before I leave tomorrow!
Today ah, sadly no piano ok.

Anyway, as I said I watched incredible hulk right.
Actually, it wasn't exactly awesome. It was... I don't know, like iron man or smth.
But total different plot.
Ok, I have no idea what I'm talking abt now anyway.

OH before the movie started I threw my maid an MNM and she sort of like shielded herself and accidentally hit the teeny choco peanut...
and so it hit the guy at the front row
He turned around and looked at me, but I was already laughing ok.
So embarrassing. Anyway I laughed ;D which was quite mean I wanted to say sorry but then he like didn't give me a chance to... as in he didn't turn around and stare longer, so i could mumble, "sorry".
Anyway, it doesn't matter :D:D:D:D

I'm leaving tmr!
Gotta wake up so early.
The thought of waking up really makes me annoyed haha.
I turned in at like 2am last night.
Hopefully I'll return with some nice pictures.

Hope Jane doesdid well for VJ interview ;D
Caren is having SOTA audition on the 20th.
All the best!!


& Bye :D

Blogged @11:37 AM

I'm going to watch incredible hulk and I nearly nearly choked on my beehoon ok.
hahahaha. So pain my throat.
Actually I don't really wanna watch incredible hulk. Don't mind watching it but..

Nevermind I don't feel like blogging.
I feel so weird today.

Piano at 6 like that.
byebyeee (:

& Bye :D

♥ Sunday, June 15
Blogged @2:15 PM

I'm in a light mood now! Hahaha!
Ytd was fathers' day. Quite ok lah. But we celebrated my uncle's birthday so anyhoo ;D
I gave my daddy a card ok, all three of us.

Look at this pic ok. My brother and I were in my room and my dad came up and told us smth abt a bird at the pond. At first I didn't really get him but anyhoo I still went down to see what he actually was referring to.

That's a bird, just so you know.
It sort of like frozen in the pond or smth. Maybe the net caught it and it must have struggled and maybe the surrounding temperature was just too cold so much so that the bird couldn't take it.
It must have been at night.

It's quite disgusting ok.
Liane came back to Japan today ;D welcome back my friend!!
Oh from 18-21 i'll be away in Genting. This wed- sat. I shall try to enjoy myself.

I sent the video of pluto snorting to ameline ;DD haha.
Anyway I went to the library today. It was quite ok, I didn't really do much of work.
Then we went to dunno where. And I had ice blended moccha! Or how- do- you- spell- it.
That's it for today.
I know I have been blogging veryvery little these days but its just that I don't feel like coming online and using the computer very often nowadays.
Don't know why too!!

Got tuition in 53 minutes' time.
My table's neat :)

I played the map where there were dogs to chase you and everything. And for the normal one, dont know what map also I levelled up until 11 or smth then I stopped.
Not bad you know! And i think I'm very bad at cs.

I'm supposed to go well byebye.

BTW this is monday's post, not sunday ok!

& Bye :D

♥ Wednesday, June 11
Blogged @11:51 AM

Probably the most boring month ever.

Anyway, ytd was nature walk and swim ;D
I have no pictures to show anyway.
Don't feel like posting pictures also, takes quite long, and I have no patience these days.
1.30 piano ;D
4.30 math tuition

See hebe.
I don't understand why brother likes her so much.

Whatever alright.
I need to change bag, but at the same time I have no mood to go and find a new bag.

My cousins are over ;D
I tell you if I'm going to kbox today i'm going to force them to sing.

Well well, GOODBYE (:
talking to ameline now.

& Bye :D

♥ Monday, June 9
Blogged @10:48 AM

I think I haven't blogged in at least a week there already!
Anyway I'm going out for lunch soon already... have to be there by 1.30!
With BANE :)
So Celine stayed over (: it was quite fun, at least I got to see the both of them!
Then we were playing rock band and all of that stuff :D Then we had supper every night.
Supper is cool alright :D

Then they left on Saturday :(
Later I have to leave with my brother.

So bored.
I don't exactly feel like blogging these days, not sure why either.
And my work, i think they're all left undone.
need to finish my english booklet.

Nature walk and swim with my mummy's side.
I'm terribly bored, goshh.


& Bye :D

♥ Monday, June 2
Blogged @7:00 PM

Today was fun :D
I dont feel like blogging anyway, i've not much content too.
Wait till i have pictures first.

Anyway goodbye.

& Bye :D

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I'm 15 this year. Was once a Rosythian, now in SJII.
I'm currently in Newspaper and tennis and some fitness thing.
I like family and friendly outings plus lovely Holidays :P
I got braces and they hurt )=
I LOVE watching horror movies :)
I am a LIVERPOOL fan!!! :P:P

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I want didi's eyes to be fully recovered.
I want to shift :D
I want to be a better person.
I want more holidays :X
I want to shop more with my family.
I want to be able to play tennis well.
I want to get run 12 minutes for 2.4 =(
I want to concentrate more on studies and be a happy girl :D

I want to get my braces off.

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